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The Fijian Turmeric Project

Touching the lives of beautiful Fijian Villagers

Fijian turmeric grows wild and organically in a nutrient rich volcanic soil created thousands of years ago. The soil is high in minerals beneficial to the human health and wellness. The geographic isolation of the hills of Viti Levu, makes the turmeric pristine. Further, the Fijian Turmeric is washed with rainwater and not chemically treated public water .

The harvesting is done manually by hand and no machine touches the turmeric. The Fijian Turmeric project was started to create a market source for Fijian villagers looking for alternative sources of income especially during the tough economic times of Covid-19 crises. Your purchase of the Fijian Turmeric supports and touches the lives of the beautiful Fijian villagers.

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